Summer Camp Handbook


The Wee Gym has put together this handbook to provide you with information regarding your child’s upcoming experience at The Wee Gym Summer Camp. The Wee Gym staff are very excited to have your child attend our camp and look forward to making their camp experience fun, safe and memorable. 

Camp Dates

  • Week 1 – June 28 – July 2 (Closed Canada Day)
  • Week 2 – July 5 – July 9
  • Week 3 – July 12 – 16
  • Week 4 – July 19 – 23
  • Week 5 – July 26 – 30
  • Week 6 – August 2 – 6
  • Week 7 – August 9 – 13
  • Week 8 – August 16 – 20
  • Week 9 – August 23 – 27

Drop Off and Pick Up Times

Summer camp activities are scheduled to run between 8:30am and 5:00pm. There will be no early drop off or pick up times available this year. It is very important that you ensure you are there to pick up your child no later than 5:00pm. 

Due to COVID-19, a Self Assessment must be done each morning through an online process, before the child can enter the building. We are also asking that all parents not enter our facility. There will be an instructor at the door to escort and assist your child as they enter our facility. Only one child will be allowed to enter at a time. 

When arriving at the gym, children may enter through the front door. However, when picking up your child, they will exit out through the back door. 

If your child will be arriving after the 8:30am drop off, or being picked up before the 5:00pm pick up time, you may need to call the gym upon arrival as we have been instructed to keep our facility locked. Our number is 834-7096. 

Child Release

Due to the COVID-19 guidelines, children will only be allowed to leave with one designated parent/guardian for regular drop off and pick up. However, In case of an emergency, they must also list one emergency contact. 

Staff Training 

All of The Wee Gym summer camp staff are also Wee Gym instructors. They are very friendly, caring, enthusiastic, and mature individuals, those main goals are to ensure that all kids have as much fun as possible while learning the fundamentals and being safe. All our staff have obtained a RNC Certificate of Conduct-Vulnerable Sector Check, a First Aid Certificate, have completed the commit to kids for coaches course, and are NCCP trained.


It is extremely important that all camp participants understand the rules and regulations of our camp program, as well as the COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Department of Health. These rules will be discussed to all children at the beginning of each week. No child will be allowed to wander unsupervised, leave our building or restricted area without being supervised or without permission. If a child continues to disregard camp staff and/or the rules suitable action will be taken to ensure that all children are safe. We ask that, throughout their camp experience, all parents/guardians reinforce how important it is to be safe and respect other children. 

Special Needs

Upon registration, parents/guardians of a child with special needs, such as asthma, allergies, epilepsy, learning or behavioural disabilities, etc., should inform the summer camp coordinator of these needs. All information provided will be treated in a confidential and professional manner. Knowing this information is extremely important, so that staff can be prepared and ensure that your child and all children have an amazing camp experience.

Health Concerns

Our camp staff/instructors WILL NOT ADMINISTER ANY MEDICATION to children. All medication should be administered to children before or after camp hours. In the event that a child will need to self administer medication, summer camp coordinator, must be notified in advance. Any health concerns should have been indicated upon registration, but if it was overlooked, please do not hesitate to contact the summer camp coordinator to let them know. If your child has any allergies that requires the use of an Epipen, please let The Wee Gym Owner know immediately. 

Inappropriate and Disrespectful Behaviour

The Wee Gym has a zero tolerance rule for those who are intentionally causing physical harm or bully other children. The Wee Gym will be implementing a 3-strike rule for those children who act inappropriate and/or are disrespectful. If a child has an incidence of inappropriate behaviour or bullying, they will receive a verbal “warning/strike.” Please complete the Behaviour Agreement attached to this booklet.


If an accident should occur, and a child needs to be taken to the hospital if emergency transportation is required, parents and/or guardians will be billed. A staff member will accompany the child and will remain with them until a parent and/or guardian arrives. 

Camper’s Checklist

Below you will find a list of items that a child should bring with them to camp.

  • Children should label all articles worn or brought with their names
  • A hat and sunscreen should be worn every day. Sunscreen should be applied before coming to camp and children must be able to apply sunscreen to themselves.
  • Children should be dressed according to the weather. Most days shorts and t-shirts are ideal, however, for days that are expected to be cool and wet, please include a sweater and long pants as well as rain gear. It is also a good idea to bring an extra change of clothing on warm days as we may take part in water activities.
  • Children should bring a water bottle with water
  • Lunch and snacks must be brought from home each day and must NOT contain nuts or fish 
  • Please note Spray-on sunscreen will NOT be permitted at camp.
  • Children are recommended to wear a mask to and from the gym as well as in the common areas
  • Children are recommended to bring their own hand sanitizer
  • Children are recommended to bring their own leads or crayons as well as paint brushes.

Lunch and Snacks

Children will need to bring lunch and enough snacks for the day. Our facility has a hydration station for children to use to refill water bottles. Since allergies are a great concern, we ask that parents and/or guardians ensure to pack lunches that do not contain nut or fish products. Parents/Guardians are asked to pack lunches in containers that are easy for the child to open. We also remind parents and/or guardians to be cautious of the summer heat when packing lunch and snacks. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, children will be prohibited from using our microwave and fridge, so it is also a good idea to include ice packs inside the child’s lunch bag. Please label lunch bags, water bottles and containers.

Transportation for Field Trips

Due to COVID-19 there will be no travel outside the camp premises, only those within walking distance.


It is expected that all children, who attend The Wee Gym summer camp, participate in all of our camp activities. We can only ensure that your child is having fun if they participate and are active in all activities that we offer. 

Electronic Devices or Toys from Home

Electronic devices will not be allowed while at camp. Devices such as Nintendo DS, cell phones, iPod’s, tablets, MP3 players, portable DVD players, as well as any other hand-held devices will not be allowed at camp. Any of these devices will be given to the Camp Coordinator until the end of the day and given to a parent and/or Guardian. We also ask that kids refrain from bringing toys from home ex. stuffed animals etc. 

Lost and Found

Due to COVID-19, there will be no lost or found at our facility. Kids must ensure that they take all their belongings with them at the end of the day. Any items left behind must be discarded when cleaning. The Wee Gym is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please ensure to leave all valuables at home.


All payments can be made weekly, but must be made one week prior to the camp’s start date, with the exception of the first week which must be paid no later than Sunday, June 27.  Payments must be  made by email transfer, using our email: [email protected] and password: theweegym. A $25/week non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot. This deposit is due within 24 hours upon receiving space confirmation. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 834-7096 or [email protected].

Refund Policy

Should a parent and/or guardian need to cancel a child’s registration to summer camp at The Wee Gym, they must do so 2 weeks prior to the child’s start date. If 2 weeks notice is not received, the payment in full is required and there will be no refund issued. Refunds will only be given for medical reasons and a note from a physician will be required, with the exception of the non-refundable deposit.

Contact Info 

  • Bobbie-Lee Gosse 
  • Director of Operations
  • The Wee Gym
  • 834-7096